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Welcome to PRODUCE THE BEAT BATTLES TOUR, a massive series of international music production battles presented by the upcoming mega hit television series “PRODUCE THE BEAT”! Each battle series will take place on Saturdays ONLY! The winning finalists in each region automatically wins a spot on our new massive television series!

NO REFUNDS! Once your slot is financially secure, it eliminates any other potentiated producers from taking you position, making your position PERMANENT! (unless uncontrollable or natural circumstances occur with presentable proof)

Our 20 cities tour hosting the battles will be:

West Coast: Seattle, Phoenix, Sacramento, Salt Lake City & Las Vegas 

Midwest: St. Louis, Chicago, Cleveland, Indianapolis, & Omaha

South: Nashville, Atlanta, Houston, Jacksonville, & New Orleans

East Coast: NY/NJ, DMV, Philadelphia, Boston, & Buffalo


Each city will be major and entertaining with a lot of attendees, so get your tickets QUICK! Due to the pandemic crisis, social distancing and mask covering will be enforced. Alcohol beverages and food will be available in each city.

PRODUCE THE BEAT BATTLES & TOUR is where we take 600 producers from all over the world and give them 60 seconds to play their beat, but also give them an outlet to add a theme to the beats, such as having dancers or having artists sing over the instrumental. It’s the first time ever such a concept has been put together and exploited publicly. The tour has 20 cities and 600 producers entering, so this is sure to shake up the entire industry WORLDWIDE!. The tour is broken into 4 regions ( West, Midwest, South and Northeast ).

Producers must face the challenges of creating their unique sounds to different genres of music chosen by the PTB BATTLES executives. Each producer has 1 minute (60 seconds) to play their instrumental, and with these competitions, each producer can incorporate a theme towards their beats, such as having an artist to sing over your instrumental, or even have dancers performing to their beats. This is now considered to be one of the world’s newest sports and this brand is responsible for creating it!

With pre-show commentary, red carpet interviews, live intermission performances and multiple announcements, each battle event will be triumphant. Affiliating companies and sponsors will be placed onto our website, app and all media outsourcing! Also, non-profit/charitable organizations will be in attendance per city to bring community awareness amongst the ongoing crowd. Experience these groundbreaking events with us that will not be forgotten!

Between the millions of music producers worldwide, musical artists, DJs and just random music lovers from all over the world, the fan base for this new tour and television series (TBA) is sure to bring phenomenal ratings and of course a huge marginal number of viewers by the millions! We knew going into this that the music industry would FOREVER be different the very first day that this brand was launched, so get ready for music battles to be produced from a very raw, behind the scenes and uncut edge!




$125 per city


$225 per city (includes a red carpet interview, exclusive picture while battling & video content of the producer on our documentary!

Vendors- $125 (1) 8 Foot Table

$230 (2) 8 Foot Tables

Music producers from all over the world now have a genius platform to not only expose their talents for music producing, but to also gain maximum publicity! This groundbreaking new television series will be nationally syndicated on a major broadcast network (TO BE ANNOUNCED) and streamed on multiple platforms globally. Expect celebrities from all industries and executives from multiple corporations to have exclusive appearances on this series. Our staff is conformed of major companies between the USA, EUROPE, the Caribbean and parts of Asia and Africa bringing together an all-star team of professionals to present this most anticipated project!



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PRODUCE THE BEAT BATTLES will be added to the SUPERBOWL “KEYS TO THE CITY” itinerary for the next 3 years/3 SUPERBOWLS, presenting producer battle events and entertaining the fan-based public in each of the cities hosting the upcoming SUPERBOWLS

Besides OCTAGON being the world’s largest sports agency with over 1,000 employees and thousands of contractors worldwide, the PRODUCE THE BEAT brand is one the newest partnerships for this massive mogul. OCTAGON is also responsible for the management to a ton of FORTUNE 500 corporations, making this powerhouse a desired partnership for the PRODUCE THE BEAT brand. PTB’S future is very bright with OCTAGON and we’re glad to be embedded with the world’s top agency to represent our business endeavors!


BULLY THE BULL is dedicated to delivering a charitable and philanthropic cause as a non-profit organization to improve all communities with the bullying epidemic.

While it’s our wish to help every youth in the world, oftentimes the volume of requests that we’re gonna receive will exceed our resources. So to help us maximize our communities impact and efforts, the website below further breaks down the needs of this movement. Enjoy and we hope that you join us to tackle bullying head-on!

PTB is honored to have DR. STONER’S as our liquor and business partner, specializing with infused liquor and multiple quality alcoholic beverages! This brand is sure to capture new audiences this year, and we are beyond grateful to have them on our team. To really understand the dynamics of this phenomenal liquor company, visit their website and become part of the movement!


As Chairman and Commissioner of the World Cup of Hip Hop (WCOHH), I am delighted to announce our latest collaboration with the esteemed organization, “PRODUCE THE BEAT BATTLES.” For those who may not be familiar, the World Cup of Hip Hop competition is a global extravaganza that celebrates the essence of hip-hop culture through various categories, including rap battles, graffiti art exhibitions, breakdancing showcases, and DJ battles. It serves as a platform for artists from around the world to showcase their talents, creativity, and passion for hip-hop, uniting diverse communities and celebrating the universal language of music. Now, you may wonder, how does this partnership with “PRODUCE THE BEAT BATTLES” fit into the World Cup of Hip Hop competition? Well, I’m excited to share that this collaboration adds a new category to our competition: the Beat Production Battle! The Beat Production Battle will provide an opportunity for talented beat producers to showcase their skills and compete against the best in the world. It’s a chance for beatmakers to demonstrate their creativity, innovation, and mastery of the art form, all while vying for the prestigious title of WCOHH Beat Production Champion! This partnership with “PRODUCE THE BEAT BATTLES” will not only elevate the competition to newer heights, but also expand our reach within the hip-hop community globally.  Together, we will host electrifying events, innovative competitions, and engaging initiatives that highlights the artistry of beat production and celebrate the incredible talent within our global hip-hop family. I am incredibly excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and the impact we will make together. This partnership is a testament to our commitment to fostering creativity, empowering artists, and pushing the boundaries of hip-hop culture. So, to all the beat producers out there, get ready to bring your A-game and showcase your beats on the world stage! The Beat Production Battle is set to revolutionize the hip-hop industry, and we can’t wait to see what incredible music emerges from this collaboration.

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